Nutrition Research & Metabolism

What we do:

Our research dietitian, laboratory manager, and dietetic technicians work to implement highly specialized research diet methods for a spectrum of study designs. Research diets are calculated for delivery of precise nutrient content using USDA nutrient database, food analysis test results, Pronutra and Food Processor software. We develop meals and recipes taking into consideration the length of study, population, nutrient and inpatient or outpatient setting. The Metabolic diets are prepared by our experienced technicians trained in nutrition research methods and data collection. Research foods are closely monitored for changes in formulation. Food safety and consistent food preparation methods are a priority in our state-inspected kitchen facility. Our team works throughout the study to ensure participant compliance and to enhance participant retention. We provide daily nutrient intake data for each study participant based on weighed food consumption data. In addition to highly specialized nutrient controlled meals, we also serve timed meals, pack-out meals and regular meals to patients participating in CTRC based protocols.

Our registered dietitian is a valuable asset to your study team, bringing nutrition knowledge and research expertise to your protocols. She provides consultation for diet design, methodology and nutrient assessment with consideration of your research aims, possible confounders, subject burden, food safety, nutrition status, research methodology, grant budgets, and available resources to accomplish your research goals. Our dietitian assists with protocol development which includes diet descriptions, budgets, measurement tools and educational materials. Study implementation services include randomization, blinding, nutritional assessment, diet instruction, nutrition counseling and nutrition screening for study participation. Throughout the study nutrition data is documented electronically and reported periodically. In addition, we provide food record analysis using the Food Processor software and administer and analyze Block food frequency questionnaires and physical activity questionnaires.

We are available to precept undergraduate and graduate student interns. We provide consultation and/or training on performing diet assessment methods and conducting anthropometric measurements.

Controlled Nutrient Diet Examples:

  • Low omega-6 and high omega-3
  • Carbohydrate, protein, fat
  • Ketogenic and Atkins type diets
  • Glycemic index and glycemic load
  • Choline
  • Heterocyclic amines and glucosinolates
  • Low antioxidant liquid formula
  • Sweet taste test of variable sugar solutions
  • Pharmacokinetic and food effect bioavailability
  • Nutrients affecting cytochrome p450 enzymes